Are the Scandinavians the happiest people in the world?

People feel happiest and most satisfied in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Iceland.

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Foto: Profimedia
Foto: Profimedia

These countries have always been atop the World Happiness Index report, first published in 2013. This cannot be a coincidence and there is definitely something special about them that sets them apart from the rest of the world.

The Brightside portal singled out several reasons why people living in these Nordic countries are the happiest. Office hours

Scandinavians do not have the urge to become millionaires. They know diligence at work and they enjoy it, but they also spend a lot of time with family and friends and are dedicated to their hobbies. They can do all that because they have more time than the rest of us.

Namely, in Denmark, people work 37 hours a week, unlike most other countries where they work at least 40 hours a week. Most employees leave work around 4 pm, so they have plenty of time for everything else.

To maintain their efficiency and get things done on time, Danes do not waste time socializing with colleagues because they know they will finish everything needed much earlier. Also, it is common for them to combine work from the office and from home.

For Danes, the holiday is a little different than for others - they have five weeks off a year. And if their job is so hard that it endangers their mental health, they can take so-called stress leave.

In Finland, employees also have the right to organize their work by leaving three hours earlier or later, so they can dedicate themselves to other things as well. In Norway, if you get sick, you can get up to three weeks of paid sick leave. Staying outdoors

Staying outdoors is very important for our health, and Scandinavians know how to make the most of it, they’ve even got a word for it - friluftsliv.

Despite the cold, they are almost always outside, and they even have a saying for that - There is no bad weather, there’s only bad clothes.

That is why they hike and camp throughout the whole year. All companies encourage their employees to spend time outdoors, even during working hours. Support to parenthood

In Iceland, mothers are entitled to a nine-month paid leave, and fathers are entitled to three months. In Sweden, new parents get up to 480 days of paid leave and are paid an 80 percent salary.

Pregnant women and mothers can work 25% shorter than the full time until the child reaches the age of eight. They also receive compensation for the child until it turns 16 years old. Money stress-free

Most of the money, like in any other place, is usually spent on basics - food, medicines, schooling. This is not the case with the Nordic countries. There, health care and education are free of charge.

In addition, the unemployed receive financial assistance. They trust each other

To trust someone is to believe that another person can be honest and will care about the common good. That way, socializing is more pleasant, and the connections that Scandinavians build with each other are stronger.

Also, there is significantly less crime in the Nordic countries than anywhere else in the world, so people feel safe. There, they really believe that someone will return their wallet if they lose it.


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