Message to Pristina: You betrayed us

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan believes that the so-called Kosovo has betrayed both him and the Muslim world, according to the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Source: B92, Tanjug
Tanjug/Turkish Presidency via AP, Pool
Tanjug/Turkish Presidency via AP, Pool

Namely, the establishment of diplomatic relations between the so-called Kosovo and Israel have provoked a backlash at the international level. Brussels reacted first, then Serbia, followed by Turkey and Palestine. That reaction, that is, the one from the Muslim world, was observed with concern.

The EU said that their position was clear and unchanged. "In accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 478 of 1980, which calls on all UN members to move their embassies to Tel Aviv, all embassies of EU member states, as well as the EU Delegation to Israel, are located in Tel Aviv," Brussels said in a statement on Monday, adding that Kosovo is undermining its path to EU integration.

Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Selaković says that the fact that Israel and the so-called Kosovo has established diplomatic relations "should affect relations between Serbia and Israel".

"Israel itself chose that its interest in bonding with America is more important to it, and preferring America over Serbia is their legitimate right. What is important is that we did not participate in that process, because (Serbian) President Vučić hadn't accepted to sign an invitation to Israel to recognize the so-called Kosovo, and vice versa", Selakovic told Serbian Radio-Television RTS.

Then, Turkey also reacted, announcing that official Pristina violated international law. Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hami Aksoy said it "does not serve the Palestinian issue" and, he said, undermines the vision of a two-state solution.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in a letter submitted through the Serbian embassy that it was disappointed with the agreement on the establishment of so-called diplomatic relations of Kosovo and Israel.

"The agreement that Kosovo signed with the occupying state (Israel) the letter of intent to open an embassy in occupied Jerusalem is a step that contradicts everything that Kosovo is trying to do to persuade the world to recognize it," the Palestinian statement said, Economy online reports.

It should be reminded that Israel and Kosovo officially established diplomatic relations on February 1 at an online ceremony.

The recognition of Kosovo by Israel is part of the agreement between Pristina and Belgrade, which was mediated by the Donald Trump administration in September last year.

The agreement also included mutual recognition between the so-called Kosovo and Israel, as well as the commitment of Belgrade and Pristina to establish their embassies in Jerusalem.

The so-called Kosovo is the first country with a majority Muslim population to open an embassy in Jerusalem, reports Kosovo online.


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