The doctor who treated Navalny after poisoning was found dead

A top Russian doctor who treated Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny after he was poisoned last year, passed away suddenly.

Tanjug/Moscow City Court via AP
Tanjug/Moscow City Court via AP

The news was confirmed from the hospital where he worked, writes and adds that it is Dr Sergej Maksimishin, who was the deputy chief doctor of the hospital in Omsk. However, the exact reason for this 55-year-old doctor's death has not been announced yet.

Navalny, who fell ill on the plane while on a tour of Siberia, was first transferred to a hospital in Omsk, and then to Germany for treatment, from where it was first publicly and officially said that he was poisoned with a nerve agent novichok. Namely, tests in Europe determined that the toxin was from the Novichok family of Soviet-era nerve agents.

In Omsk, he was treated by Dr Maksimishin did not give any press briefings at the time of Navalny's hospitalization.


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