Chaos in Brussels - police station set on fire, king's vehicle damaged VIDEO / PHOTO

Clashes broke out between protesters and police during a protest in Brussels over the death of a young man of African descent who died after being arrested.

Source: B92, Beta, Tanjug
Foto: Tanjug/AP Photo/Francisco Seco
Foto: Tanjug/AP Photo/Francisco Seco

A police station was set on fire and more than 70 protesters were arrested.

After peaceful protests following the death of a migrant criminal during arrest on Saturday, riots broke out in the Belgian capital last night with a group of demonstrators throwing various objects and firecrackers towards police officers, which used water cannons to disperse them.

Foto: Tanjug/AP Photo/Francisco Seco
Foto: Tanjug/AP Photo/Francisco Seco

According to local officials, between 70 and 80 protesters were arrested.

Videos of the riots have been posted on social media. One of them shows that the protesters also hit the motorcade of King Philip of Belgium with stones, but it is not known yet whether he was in the vehicle.

The protest took place after a young man named Ibrahim died in police custody. He allegedly tried to escape while the police legitimized a group of people because they did not adhere to the measures introduced due to the coronavirus epidemic.

As AFP reported, referring to the prosecutor's office in Brussels, an investigation has been launched into the circumstances of the young man's death.


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