The Balkans and the USA in the same sentence; A war scenario approaching?

A disintegration similar to the one that happened to Yugoslavia in the 1990s, the so-called "Balkanization" is knocking on America's door, experts say.

Source: Kosovo online
Tanjug/AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File
Tanjug/AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File

According to Sputnik, the United States is facing a crisis of that kind for the first time, so the fate of their society is uncertain. It is only certain that it will largely depend on the new internal force of that country - "trampism", the portal Kosovo online reported.

The Balkans and the United States of America are mentioned again in the same sentence, but this time in a completely new, surprising context. Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband commented on the recent events in America for the British "Daily Mail" on Sunday - riots in the streets, the assault on the Capitol, the division of the American nation...

On that occasion, he predicted "Balkanization" for the United States, that is, the process of disintegration of the region into divided ethnic groups that are united only by a common geographical position, and torn apart by hostilities and animosities.

In his opinion, there is a risk that America will turn into the Balkans from the period of the acute phase of war and bloodshed. Asked whether America faces a scenario of war and bloodshed similar to the one in the Balkans, former Yugoslav foreign minister Vladislav Jovanovic said the situation in the country could become more serious than it already is, depending on how strong "trampism" will be, that is, the sum of all the internal contradictions of America. "The situation is very tense, dramatic. It is not known how it will end. America should not be buried, because it is the only great power in the world that has internal mechanisms to protect it from excessive earthquakes. It will not easily fall into a final crisis, but it will enter an extended one, which will have consequences both internally and externally," Jovanovic estimates.

Comparing the then Balkans and today's United States, Jovanović points out that nationalities were very pronounced in the Balkans at that time, while in America they were insignificant in relation to racial and social animosities.

"Racial, economic, cultural and health dissatisfaction takes political forms, which is even more inconvenient for the so-called 'deep America'. The whole world is bent on the same question - America, what is it? Some allies of America out of decency will not say it out loud, but everyone is very worried. Until now, America has portrayed us all outside as a ‘scarecrow’, vs the USA, as a civilizational, superior, remarkable, big picture, was supposed to fix and calm us down", Jovanović points out.

Jovanovic points out that Miliband is not the only one who predicted the "Balkanization" of America, that is, who warned that the USA could face with a "disintegration".

"Many serious analysts see this and warn that America is facing a kind of internal abyss. Of course, it is a picture that wants to emphasize the importance of it for viewers and readers, there are exaggerations in linguistic expression, but the essence of the problem is well seen. It seems to me that Trump is leaving, but the ‘trampism’ that he publicly proclaimed and showed to the world remains. This is what worries Americans and many of their friends, that America, wounded from within, may begin to act like a wounded great force in relations with others, and as the proverb says - a wounded lion is the most dangerous", notes Jovanović.

Jovanovic believes that there is a trace of historical revenge in the recent events in America, although, as he says, many think that it is nonsense.

"Now we have the opportunity for the last empire, America, to experience its replay of the 'Balkan syndrome', because it was created with the help of physical, violent and other forms of pressure, spreading to neighboring countries: Canada, Mexico, Cuba, finishing with a colonial conquest. USA had an imperial appetite and as such kept preserved. When internal contradictions grew so great that United States began to lose the ability to regulate its own life and relations with the world normally, then it fell into a terrible crisis that returns like a boomerang. All bad things that they did to the world has reached the threshold of the Capitol. Now their Capitol is experiencing what they were producing around the world, when they applauded every violent intrusion of demonstrators into other people's parliaments," Jovanovic concluded.


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