After the death of the vaccinated person, Swissmedic issued a statement

The Swiss drug institute Swissmedic said there was no causal link between the death of a 91-year-old person in Lucerne and his vaccination against COVID-19.

Source: Tanjug
Foto: depositphotos/IgorVetushko
Foto: depositphotos/IgorVetushko

Swiss drugs regulator Swissmedic on Wednesday said it saw no link between the death of a 91-year old person in the canton of Lucerne and the COVID-19 vaccine, adding the deceased suffered from multiple illnesses before getting the shot.

Tests conducted by the cantonal health authorities and Swissmedic have determined that a link between the death and the COVID-19 vaccine was highly unlikely, the regulator said in a statement, as Reuters reported.

One person died in the Swiss canton of Lucerne a few days after being vaccinated against coronavirus.

The competent Directorate of Health confirmed the death of the person who was vaccinated, but according to an earlier article on the Zeitpunkt website, it has not been determined whether there is a connection between the vaccine and the cause of death.

According to the Swiss media, this is a person who was vaccinated on December 24 in an institution for people with dementia, who passed away yesterday.


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