"How I stopped 400 years of conflicts between Serbia and Kosovo" VIDEO

US President Donald Trump, held a pre-election rally in Nebraska last night, at which he once again praised the agreement signed in Washington in his speech

Source: Sputnik
Tanjug/P Photo/Evan Vucci
Tanjug/P Photo/Evan Vucci

He talked about the agreement that was signed in September between the so-called Kosovo and Serbia.

On that occasion, Trump said that he was the one who just ended the 400-year-long conflict between Serbia and Kosovo, Gazeta Express writes.

The President asked the crowd if they knew he had been nominated "for three Nobel Peace Prizes." "Can you believe it?"

"Everything lasted 20 minutes. All of a sudden, two months ago, they were at the Oval Office, kissing, hugging. It was easy", Trump concluded, Sputnik stated.


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