A completely different message came from China

While world politicians send encouraging messages to the US president, who announced that he is positive for coronavirus, a different message comes from China.

Source: B92, Jutarnji list
Getty Images/Mark Wilson / Staff
Getty Images/Mark Wilson / Staff

"President Trump and the first lady paid the price for mitigating and underestimating the danger of COVID-19. The news shows the seriousness of the pandemic in the United States. It will negatively affect the image of Trump and the United States, and could negatively affect his re-election," Hu Xijin, Editor in Chief of the Chinese Global Times said.

"The positive test is another reminder that the coronavirus continues to spread, although Trump desperately tried to suggest that there were no more dangers. Trump and the White House have downplayed the threat since the outbreak of the coronavirus and refused to follow the recommendations of health authorities, including those issued by his administration - such as wearing masks in public and practicing physical distancing. Instead, Trump continued to hold election rallies attended by thousands of his supporters, "The China Daily" writes, Jutarnji list reported.


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