Beijing in fear over new infections, new measures introduced

Although the situation in the country is stable, Chinese authorities fear a second wave of the epidemic

Source: Tanjug
Illustracija: Deposit photos/phuongphoto
Illustracija: Deposit photos/phuongphoto

Therefore, Beijing authorities announced new regulations for “promoting civilized behavior”, as "The Guardian" reports.

The Chinese city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus pandemic began, has discharged all of its coronavirus patients, as the nation reported only three new cases and no new deaths. Two of the three new cases on Sunday were imported infections.

Due to the stable epidemiological situation, Chinese authorities have begun to mitigate the restrictive measures introduced to combat coronavirus.

On Monday, high school students in their third year, the most important for preparing for the national university entrance exam, returned to class in Beijing. Other cities and provinces have announced various dates for reopening schools.

At the same time, authorities are still worried about a second wave of infections, therefore, the introduction of measures to prevent new infections was announced.

Beijing announced new regulations for “promoting civilized behavior” that include requiring residents to cover their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, not eating on public transport, and wearing a mask in public when sick, "The Guardian" specifies.

Restaurants are also required to provide serving utensils and to encourage separate portions, over the traditional shared family-style meals, when possible.

The regulations come into force on 1 June.


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