China takes new measures fearing that the epidemic might reappear

China, in which the coronavirus epidemic has passed, has taken new measures to prevent asymptomatic virus carriers from causing another wave of contagion

Source: Tanjug
AP Photo/Ng Han Guan
AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

Although the number of newly infected has fallen since its peak in February, when China isolated several cities, authorities are calling for continued caution over fear of a new wave of contagion.

Of the 63 new cases, 61 are travelers arriving to China from abroad.

In addition to imported cases, Chinese authorities are also concerned with asymptomatic cases, people carrying the virus who do not have any clinical symptoms such as fever or cough.

On Wednesday, 56 new asymptomatic cases were reported so the total number of such cases, also called "tacit transmitters" by Chinese media, has risen to 657, Reuters reports.

As a result, new measures have been adopted. Healthcare providers must report asymptomatic cases within two hours of discovery. Local governments must then identify all known close contacts within 24 hours.

Asymptomatic patients will be placed in collective quarantine for 14 days and will be counted as confirmed cases if they begin to show symptoms.

Also, the two-week quarantine will include their close contacts.

A new feature appeared on the WeChat mobile platform early in the week, allowing people to check if they have ever sat on a train or plane next to an asymptomatic virus carrier that later became a confirmed case.

Chinese health authorities have previously warned that about two-thirds of asymptomatic patients will later develop symptoms of coronavirus infection.


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