Nearly 800,000 infected

A total of 785.807 cases of coronavirus patients have been registered in the world by this morning, 37.820 died and 165.659 recovered, according to Worldometers

Source: Tanjug

The highest number of infected people in the United States amounts to 164.253, with a total of 3.167 deceased so far.

Italy follows with 101.739 cases of infected with COVID-19, and in that country, mostly in the north, 11.591 persons died, while 14.620 recovered.

In Spain, there is a total of 87.956 patients with the coronavirus, out of which 7.716 died, and 76.052 recovered.

China ranked fourth in terms of infection with 81.518 cases, 3.305 people died and 76.052 patients recovered.

66.885 cases were registered in Germany, 645 died, 13.500 recovered.

France has 44.550 cases, 3.024 casualties, and nearly 8.000 people have recovered.

A large number of registered patients are also reported by Iran, 41.495, the total number of deaths is almost 3.000, while 13.911 people have recovered.

In the UK, 22.141 people were infected, nearly 1.500 died and 135 recovered.

North Korea is still registering new cases, as of recent data, another 125 people have been infected and four have died, leaving a total of 9.786 people infected, 162 dead, while 5.408 patients recovered.

In the region, Bosnia and Herzegovina this morning has a total of 371 cases, out of which 17 were recovered and 10 died, Croatia 790 infected, out of which six died and 67 were recovered, Slovenia 756 infected, 11 died and 10 recovered, Northern Macedonia 258 infected, seven deceased and 12 recovered and Montenegro 91 infected, one deceased.

Serbia has 785 infected persons, 16 died and 42 have recovered.


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