Spain breaks infamous records: More infected than in China; there are also sick Serbs

New 5.085 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Spain, according to the latest data

Source: B92

This European country with over 85.000 infected has surpassed China by the number of infected. According to Worldometers, a total of 85.195 cases have been registered in Spain.

Of these, 61.075 are currently infected.

In the last 24 hours, 812 people have died in Spain, with a total of 7.340 deaths.

Ambassador: Several infected Serbs in Spain

Several Serbian citizens in Spain have been infected with the coronavirus, but we have not yet received official information from health institutions, Serbian Ambassador to Madrid Katarina Lalic said.

According to her, the Serbian diaspora in Spain officially has about 3.000 people, and unofficially around 5.000 and they are in contact with the Embassy.

Lalic told Tanjug that the number of Serbs captured across Spain has dropped from about 160 to about 130, and that many are giving up their return because they are aware of the risk.

"There are about 30 in the Canary Islands, and there are some in the Balearic Islands. We are in constant contact with them and looking to help them. By March 26, they wanted to close all the hotels there, but some would still be open, which is important to our people", Lalic said.

She states that in Spain the number of confirmed and fatal cases is rising and that the peak of the curve has not been reached, but that experts expect it to happen by the end of next week.

She points out that everyone is aware that the pressure will not decrease if the curve of the number of infected people starts to fall.

According to her, a great deal of concern is raised by the fact that 14 percent are infected by doctors, which puts the whole system at risk.

The worst, she says, is that they do not have medical equipment such as masks, gloves, respirators.

She added that health experts, for fear of the total collapse of the healthcare system, as many hospitals were already congested and many ahead of the collapse, recommended that measures be taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and more rigorous measures were adopted at today's government session.

"This means paralyzing the economy, stopping the movement of workers, except those in essential jobs, selling only food and pharmaceutical products, and opening pumps, hospitals, banks," says Lalic.

According to her, the freezing economy, which is suffering a major blow, will intensify the economic and social crisis after the pandemic. "The media is urged to strive to release official, verified information and to verify the authenticity of their information so as not to spread panic. The infected data are published here at noon every day and there are no discrepancies. They rely on official data", Lalic points out.

He adds that hacker fraud warnings have been issued in Spain.

"There were attempts to sell coronavirus vaccines, as well as attempts to break into the confidential information of citizens," Lalic said.


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