French teenage girl the youngest coronavirus victim in Europe with no chronic illness

Sixteen-year-old Julie A. is the youngest coronavirus victim in France, and is believed to be the youngest coronavirus victim in Europe, AFP reports


Julie passed away in Paris on Thursday and is one of 1.696 coronavirus victims in France.

Her mother told AFP that Julie had a mild cough a week ago, and she also had difficulty breathing on Saturday.

She was admitted to the hospital, where multiple coronavirus tests were performed, which showed her to be positive. Her condition worsened dramatically in just a few days and she passed away on Thursday.

Julie lived in a town south of Paris. Her sister, through the media, warned everyone that the virus was not only dangerous for the elderly and sick.

"We were told from the beginning that the virus does not affect young people very much. We believed in it, like everyone else," her mother told AFP.

Julie had no health problems or suffered from chronic illnesses.


Nearly 800,000 infected

A total of 785.807 cases of coronavirus patients have been registered in the world by this morning, 37.820 died and 165.659 recovered, according to Worldometers

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