Thursday - the deadliest day since the outbreak of coronavirus epidemic

The number of coronavirus infected in 202 countries and territories worldwide exceeded 500.000 on Friday, with the United States taking the lead from China

Ilustracija: EPA/ChristianBruna
Ilustracija: EPA/ChristianBruna

Of the total of 536.000 cases, more than 60.000 have been confirmed in the last 24 hours, and more than 2.500 new deaths in 59 states have increased the death toll to 24.000, Reuters figures show early Friday.

This makes Thursday the deadliest day since the coronavirus pandemic erupted, with Spain and Italy having more than 700 deaths each.

About one-third of new cases have been reported in the US, with more and more people testing. In the last 24 hours, 17.000 have been detected and 281 have died, the largest single-day figure since the virus appeared in the country, reports.

China, which announced the closure of the border for foreign nationals as of Saturday, registered five deaths and 55 infections, adding that these were imported cases, with the exception of two.


Nearly 800,000 infected

A total of 785.807 cases of coronavirus patients have been registered in the world by this morning, 37.820 died and 165.659 recovered, according to Worldometers

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