New victim of coronavirus in Italy

A fourth coronavirus-infected person has died in Italy, with Italian authorities struggling to control an outburst in the northern part of the country.

Source: B92,
Getty Images/ Emanuele Cremaschi
Getty Images/ Emanuele Cremaschi

The man in his eighties was hospitalized for a disease unrelated to coronavirus, RAI reports.

The number of infected people is expected to rise on hourly basis, "Corriere della Sera" writes, adding that the nightmare in Italy began on Friday morning when the first infected person passed away.

In the province of Lombardy alone, over 90 are infected, while in Veneto, about 25 contracted the virus.

Just 48 hours after the death of the first victim, the two provinces mentioned above ended up in a blockade, in the quarantine. There are military and police officers on the roads, and schools, cinemas, swimming pools and the like are closed for at least a week.

Why did coronavirus spread so quickly?

The head of Italy's Civil Protection Agency, Angelo Borelli, said doctors should not be blamed, but they did not recognize the symptoms of coronavirus on time. In addition, they became infected because they did not properly treat patients, according to the portal

An Italian newspaper writes that at least five doctors and nurses were infected at the hospital where the first diseased patient was hospitalized.

Virologist and scientist at the University of Milan, Fabrizio Pregliasco said none of the doctors thought of coronavirus because it had not been recorded in Italy so far, except for two tourists who were hospitalized at the end of January. However, they came from China and were in a different area.

"There was simply no reason to doubt coronavirus, especially since it was flu season. Italy found itself in the same situation as China, facing with a new virus. The truth about the coronavirus has been talked about for a month, but there was not a single case of coronavirus detected in Italy except for these tourists”, he added.


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