Shooting in Germany: Media counts the dead VIDEO

German police say 9 people got killed in fatal attack in Hanau, the city near Frankfurt, suspect found dead at home, local media report

Source: Tanjug
Foto: Tanjug/Boris Roessler/dpa via AP
Foto: Tanjug/Boris Roessler/dpa via AP

The shooting happened Wednesday night in two hookah lounges, and according to police, the suspect was found dead in his home and another body was found in his home.

Police gave no details of the suspected gunman but said in a statement that “there are currently no indications of further perpetrators. An investigation into the identity of the victims and perpetrators is ongoing", a police statement said, as Reuters reports.

According to the available information, the attacker committed suicide in his home after fleeing the scene with a car. The German "Bild" states that the killer left a farewell letter expressing extreme right-wing views.

The German newspaper also reported that the man identified as Tobias R. had left a video message claiming responsibility for the attack.


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