A new case of suspected coronavirus in Europe

Austria has a new case of suspected infection with this virus, which has claimed a large number of human lives in China.

Source: Tanjug

A new suspicion of the presence of coronavirus in the country comes after a Chinese flight attendant, who was brought to hospital late Saturday night, was found not to be infected with the virus.

Director of the Vienna Hospital Association (Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund - KAV), Michael Binder, said that a Chinese national had been admitted to the hospital on Sunday night.

The new patient lives in Austria, but was on holiday in a crisis region in China.

As he indicated, she was received with symptoms such as high fever.

The patient is located in an isolated part of the hospital, and it has yet to be determined whether it is a coronavirus.

Test results are expected to be known today.

In the case of the Chinese flight attendant, who was the first person in Austria to be suspected of being infected with a dangerous virus, a new virus has not been identified, the hospital said.


Coronavirus took 106 lives so far

Death toll from the coronavirus outburst in China has reached 106 casualties, with nearly 1.300 new cases confirmed, authorities said on Tuesday.

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