New powerful earthquake in Albania: Just one in a series of five earthquakes

A new earthquake of magnitude 4.3 per Richter hit Albania this morning and it was just one in a series of five earthquakes registered in the area by 10 a.m.

Source: Tanjug, RTS,
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/ Albund
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/ Albund

The latest earthquake was recorded at 08:26 hours, with the epicenter in Tirana and at a depth of 10 kilometers. This earthquake was felt by citizens in Kosovo territory and parts of Croatia. The National Security Council had a session.

The prosecution must bring to justice all those responsible for the failures that led to human casualties and material damage, Albanian President Ilir Meta announced after the session.

Otherwise, the Albanian Ministry of Defense said earlier that a total of 1,376 earthquakes had been recorded in diverse parts of Albania since November 26th.

Albanian seismologist Rapo Ormeni said on Sunday that there were 1.300 weaker earthquakes in Durres, and other parts of the country, claiming that this is a normal process needed to release energy after the main earthquake that struck Albania on November 26th.

A total of 51 people died in the aftermath of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake, and about 2,000 people were injured. About 9,000 Albanians cannot return to their homes after the earthquake.

At 4:23 this morning, an earthquake of 4-magnitude per Richter hit the Nevesinje area in Bosnia-Herzegovina.


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