Why is Rama angry with Pristina? "Warn those from Kosovo..."

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has reacted nervously to requests by individuals from Pristina to suspend tolls on the National Road to Tirana

Source: Tanjug

He asked outgoing Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli to explain to the citizens of Kosovo that this was not possible, Pristina's Gazeta Express newspaper writes.

Rama also objected to the displacement of Albania's injured citizens to Kosovo because, as he said, they must stay close to their homes and their jobs.

The Pristina-based GazetaExpress daily writes that Rama spontaneously met Pacolli yesterday while visiting Durres and Tumane, and on that occasion, instructed him to warn those from Kosovo, who donate assistance to Albania, not to seek the abolition of the toll on the National Road.

Rama added that those who donate aid to Albania also have to pay a five-euros toll. "Everyone's obliged to pay a toll and it is intended for infrastructure, which should provide road and country safety. Now if it comes to your mind to give much more than those five euros, give that five euros along with it", Rama said, adding that this amount is to be paid in both Kosovo and Albania.

"It is amazing that we are facing with such hysteria and that people cannot understand how these things should be treated", Rama said.

When Pacolli said he offered both private assistance to earthquake victims as well as medical, Rama told him that assistance had already been offered, citing Albania's agreements with other countries in the health field.

Allegedly, Rama also responded to the care of earthquake-stricken citizens on the Kosovo's territory, saying that they should stay nearby and not be far away from their homes, their jobs and schools.

However, Gazeta Express says that Albanian Prime Minister had praised the successful achievement of Kosovo security forces in finding bodies beneath the rubble, saying they were doing a great job.


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