US journalist infuriated the Serbs: Do they have food and internet? Sorry, a**holes

American radio host commented on Serbia's victory over the US basketball team on the World Cup in China by posing a question whether there is food in Serbia

Source: Sputnik
Tanjug/AP Photo/Ng Han Guan
Tanjug/AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

According to Sputnik, one of his sports colleagues posted a tweet captioning the end of the first quarter (Serbia - USA 32: 7) with the comment: "If you were planning to wake up early for the US national team, just go ahead and hit the snooze alarm button”, Chris Forsberg wrote.

This was the reason for the first "outburst of wittiness" by Kevin Clancy, a radio presenter, who wrote: "We lost to Serbia in basketball? Do they have any food in Serbia at all?"

Immediately the reactions of the Serbian diaspora began to pour, which had something to say to the American about this remark, and there were several video footage posted.

Also, there were humorous answers like, "We eat Americans for breakfast."

Others gave a lesson to an American journalist, reminding him that the best athletes have been coming from Serbia for decades: basketball, football and tennis players. "Have you ever heard of Djokovic?" One Tweeter user asked.

After a burst of comments, the aforementioned radio host realized what he had done and tried to be witty again and wrote that he did not know that they had internet in Serbia. Of course, the internet exploded again and an apology followed, containing new insult, though. "Ok ok ok. I’d like to apologize to Serbia. I should be more respectful of the people that started World War 1. Way to assassinate Archduke Ferdinand, you a**holes! The place was a powder keg! Last thing they needed was you d**** assassinating ppl! 16 million ppl dead. Real nice", he said.


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