Miloš Biković banned from Ukraine

Miloš Biković is banned from Ukraine for allegedly endangering national security, the actor notifies on his Twitter account.

Source: B92, RTS, Sputnik

Biković also wrote that „he sometimes plays better, sometimes worse, but not in the way that the national security is threatened’’, reports „Sputnik’’.

To recall, in the past couple of years, Biković has been engaged in Russia, where he makes films and series.

As RTS reminds, Ukraine has so far banned entry into the country to French actor Gerard Depardieu, who has Russian citizenship, actor Steven Seagal and singer Fred Durst

Russia and Ukraine have been in an open conflict since the Russian annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula Crimea. Ukraine wants Crimea to be returned, because it is still recognized as Ukraine’s territory by most countries.

Russia says that issue has been solved and that the referendum, that was held in 2014. after the Russian forces secured the peninsula, showed that the population of the peninsula wants to be a part of Russia.

Russia has made great efforts to try to integrate Crimea and reduce its independence from Ukraine, including building of the bridge which connects the peninsula with the south of Russia. But western sanctions, aimed for punishing Moscow for annexing Crimea, have helped isolate the peninsula, raising prices and slowing development.


Conflicts in Melbourne because of Hong Kong

The police in Melbourne gave out the warning after some small conflicts between supporters and opponents of protest in Hong Kong.

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