Russian Army responds: If they had shot at us, we would have reacted

Russian Tu-95S aircraft hadn't intruded upon other states' airspace during the flight over the Japanese sea, Russian Ministry of Defense claims, Sputnik reports

Source: Sputnik

According to the data of objective control, aircraft Tu-95MS flied in accordance with the planned agenda, adjusted to the international law, 25 kilometers away from the Dokdo Island. South Korean territorial airspace was not violated.

Korean News Agency "Yonhap" had previously informed that Russian military planes had twice intruded upon the airspace of South Korea in the Japanese sea region.

Russian Defense Ministry had pointed out that this is not the first time that Korean pilots attempt to prevent the flights of Russian aviation over the neutral territory of Japanese sea, referring to certain arbitrary air defense zone set up by South Korea.

They added that South-Korean planes hadn't fired any warning shots. If they had done that, we would have responded.

„There was no warning whatsoever. If the Russian pilots felt their safety was jeopardized - they would have responded", Defense Ministry claims.


Finally, U.S. reaction to the captured CIA agents

After Iran announced that it had identified and arrested 17 CIA agents, some of whom were sentenced to death, the US response has been awaited. Here it is.

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