Dutch UN soldiers sue Dutch Government over Srebrenica; "Sent to impossible mission"

Group of veterans from the Dutch UN unit which was part of UN Peacekeeping mission in Srebrenica region in 1995 files lawsuit against the Netherlands Government

Source: Tanjug
Matej Divizna/Stringer/Gettty images/Srebrenica
Matej Divizna/Stringer/Gettty images/Srebrenica

In a filed lawsuit, the soldiers demand honor restoration, an apology and payment of symbolic damages, Dutch daily AD (The Algemeen Dagblad) reports.

Veterans' attorney Michael Rupert stated that Dutch soldiers were sent to "an impossible mission" and just left there, without appropriate preparation, without sufficient materials and capacity", Rupert concluded.

He had stated earlier that the soldiers suffered major damages during the incidents in Srebrenica, saying that the soldiers had never been compensated for the psychological and financial damages incurred as a result of their deployment, while their social life was ruined.

Three years ago, 230 veterans had gathered with the aim of filing lawsuit against the Netherlands, but gave up on this idea when last year Dutch Minister of Defense Ank Bijleveld announced thorough investigation into the problems Dutch soldiers still face as a result of Srebrenica massacre.

Although the minister still conducts discussions with the work group of the former peacekeeping unit members, certain number of them considers that no progress was made, Rupert explained.

At this point, around twenty soldiers is determined to file lawsuit against the Dutch Government, while their attorney believes that additional hundred soldiers will join them in this effort.


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