Austrian VC: This EU is just like "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Austrian Vice-Chancellor and FPO leader Heinz-Kristian Strache has called French President Emmanuel Macron "a deceiver."

Source: Tanjug

Macron is accused of being "co-responsible for the irresponsible course of the centralist EU."

"Everything in the EU reminds of the film 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. The captain stands drunk behind the rudder, and follows the Merkel-Macron course, although he sees that he will be stranded," Strache said in his traditional traditional address at the end of a carnival in the town of Reid.

Strache told voters ahead of the May 26 elections for the European Parliament, this course should be "changed."

"We are in favor of Europe of fatherlands," he underlined.

FPO and Strachw are in favor of a decentralized EU, with fewer competencies of Brussels, and a greater competence of its members.

The vice chancellor also spoke about the opposition, often referred in the media as "the united opposition" - while he believes this is wrong, as they should be called "the lonely opposition."


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