Germany against "changing borders"

"Germany opposes solving the dispute between Kosovo and Serbia by redrawing borders," says Michael Roth.

Source: Beta

This was "extraordinarily dangerous and would lead to the region's destabilization," the German minister of state for Europe said on Thursday, Beta agency reported.

In an interview for Deutsche Welle in Albanian, Roth said that "the territorial integrity of the Balkan countries was exceptionally important."

"Attempts to alter borders in the past has led to endless suffering. Therefore, I think that these ideas not only do not hold much promise of success but they are also quite dangerous. What we need is a comprehensive agreement that finally regulates relations, enables Serbia and Kosovo to join the EU and resolves all existing technical questions, through a negotiated solution," he said.

According to him, Albania is expected to constructively use its political influence and continue to constructively engage itself in the stability of the entire region.

"This especially applies to questions that pertain to normalizing relations between Kosovo and Serbia. It can only be in Albania's interest as a part of the region to prevent at all costs a new destabilization of the Western Balkans, which would be caused by altering borders. Our stance is that an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia needs to raise stability in both countries, but also in the region," said Roth.


"Mafia Shqiptare controls UK cocaine market"

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