Greek and Macedonian PM nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Peace Prize Winner for 2015 Wided Bouchamaoui has officially nominated Greek and Macedonian prime ministers for this year's Nobel Peace Prize.

Source: B92
(EPA-EFE, file)
(EPA-EFE, file)

According to the Greek City Times, Alexis Tsipras and Zoran Zaev are in the running for his prestigious award thanks to the signing of the Prespa Agreement.

The agreement, signed in June 2018, renames the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (whose constitutional name was "the Republic of Macedonia)") into "the Republic of North Macedonia."

Bouchamaoui thinks that the Prespa Agreement is a model of a peaceful and constructive solution to bilateral issues and great differences between neighboring countries and which, as such, could be used not only in the Balkans but everywhere in the world.

"The ratification of the agreement by both countries has shown that conversation, positive energy, decency and a sense of good neighborliness are crucial for solving open issues, regardless of pressure from nationalists on both sides," the Tunisian businesswoman said.


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