Kremlin discloses what Putin told Thaci

Russian President Vladimir Putin had a brief conversation with the president of the interim institutions in Kosovo Hashim Thaci in Paris.

Source: Sputinik
Moscow (Thinkstock)
Moscow (Thinkstock)

Sputnik is reporting this on Wednesday.

Putin "pointed out to Thaci that Pristina needs to reach a consensus with Belgrade and told him that Russia will support a joint decision by Belgrade and Pristina," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has been quoted as saying.

"It was not a classic meeting. It was a conversation on the margins of an event. Putin spoke with a large number of participants in an event held in Paris during the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. Thaci was one of them. They really did give each other a hand and took a photo," Peskov said, commenting on information about the meeting.

"Naturally, Putin drew attention that it is necessary first of all to find a consensus with Serbia. That's the main thing. And of course, he said that we will support an agreement reached by the parties themselves. It cannot be different," the spokesman concluded.

Previously, Thaci siad that he told Putin - whose country does not recognize the 2008 unilateral declaration of independence by ethnic Albanians in Kosovo - that they are "neither friends nor enemies," and that Putin allegedly said that "the change of the Russian position toward Kosovo is a sensitive issue."

Meanwhile, the public broadcaster in Kosovo, RTK2, in its Serbian language edition, aid that Thaci told Klan Kosova TV that "the meeting with Putin was something that Kosovo was lacking on the international scene," and that it was "a great achievement and a step forward for Kosovo's diplomacy."


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