Serbian tourists attacked with firebomb in Turkey

An incident has taken place in Turkey's Kusadasi resort during which a guest of a hotel where Serbian tourists were staying threw a firebomb at their bus.

Source: B92, Tanjug
(screen capture)
(screen capture)

Miodrag Skendzic of the Lasta bus company told Tanjug that no fight or altercation between Serbian and Turkish tourists preceded the incident - as reported by some Turkish media.

He stressed that no one was injured and that very small damage was done to the bus, which has been leased by the travel agency Rhapsody Travel - and that Serbian tourists "can safely return to Serbia."

Skendzic also stressed that they are students from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, who were on a student excursion.

"The man who was in the hotel along with them was hanging around them. Last night they went out at about 23:00 hours. There was no alcohol, nobody among these kids was drunk. He approached with this Molotov cocktail or whatever it was he made, something made manually, and threw it on them and at the bus. No one was injured," Skendzic said.

According to him, the attacker had been "hanging around" the students for three days and was arrested before the Serbians "went to the police to make their statements."

Skendzic stressed that the man who threw the flammable liquid "had a Russian passport."

He added that a complaint was filed over the damages and the behavior of the said man.

The Turkish daily Hurriyet reported earlier that a fight had occurred in Kusadasi between Turkish and Serbian tourists, that ended with a firebomb being thrown, and an arrest.

According to the newspaper, a Turkish citizen, who was on holiday in Kusadasi, got into a fight last night with a group of Serbian tourists who were staying in the same hotel and were under the influence of alcohol.

Hurriyet also said that the attacker was arrested and that nobody was injured during the incident, while minor damage was done to the bus.


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