"Stronger Serbia-NATO ties benefit everyone"

Strengthening ties between NATO and Serbia is beneficial to the alliances Serbia and the entire region.

Source: Beta

That is what NATO leaders said in a joint statement in Brussels on July 11, Beta agency reported.

They also and welcomed the constant progress in building the NATO-Serbia partnership, and supported the political dialogue and practical cooperation to that end.

We are again stressing the need for constant progress in the EU-mediated Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, which is to lead to a comprehensive regulation of relations, including the form of a legally binding agreement, said the Alliance heads.

We incite both sides to speed up efforts toward the normalization of relations and the full implementation of the agreements reached, they pointed out.

The session document underlines that the Western Balkans are a region of strategic importance, as shown by our long history of cooperation and operations in that region.

We are fully committed to the stability and security of the Western Balkans, said the Alliance leaders, adding that they would cooperate closely to that end with the states of the region.

They said that NATO's doors were open to all states looking to join, if they met the requirements, as proven by Montenegro's admission last year and the July 11 invitation to Macedonia to launch membership negotiations, as soon as the terms of the Athens-Skopje agreement on Macedonia's name were carried out.

The leaders also underscored that they fully supported Bosnia and Herzegovina's aim for membership, and added that NATO was committed to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of a stable and safe Bosnia and Herzegovina.

They called on the leaders of the country to act constructively and demonstrate a political will for the well-being of all Bosnia and Herzegovina citizens through the continuation of political, economic and defense reforms.


Serbian tourists attacked with firebomb in Turkey

An incident has taken place in Turkey's Kusadasi resort during which a guest of a hotel where Serbian tourists were staying threw a firebomb at their bus.

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