DARIAH General Assembly appoints Toma Tasovac

Toma Tasovac, Director of the Belgrade Center for Digital Humanities (BCDH), will succeed Laurent Romary as DARIAH Director.

Source: dariah.eu

In its latest meeting, the consortium’s General Assembly unanimously approved the nomination proposed by the DARIAH ERIC Board of Directors Selection Committee.

“Europe, despite all its proverbial identity crises and serious challenges which it faces today, remains to be a powerful symbolic space in which tradition and innovation are inherently intertwined,” said Tasovac. “I am delighted by the appointment to the Board of Directors and look forward to working with my colleagues on strengthening DARIAH as a unique transnational framework for developing and applying new technologies in the service of European science and culture.”

With his unwavering enthusiasm for the role of the humanities in the contemporary scholarly and political landscapes, Tasovac has a deep, internal knowledge of DARIAH. Over the years, he has participated in and led two DARIAH Working Groups, served as National Coordinator for Serbia and Chair of the National Coordinator’s Committee as well as member of the DARIAH Senior Management Team. This specific background gives him an exceptional perspective on how DARIAH functions and what its challenges are, both in terms of pursuing concrete scholarly and broader strategic agendas.

Tasovac has a strong international profile in both the traditional humanities and computational methods. He was educated at Harvard University, Princeton University and Trinity College Dublin. His areas of scholarly expertise include historical and electronic lexicography, data modeling and digital editions. Under his leadership, BCDH has won numerous national and international grants, including two Horizon 2020 grants in the last two years alone.

Toma Tasovac will succeed Laurent Romary, who will step down on 1 September 2018 after a 4-year term of office.

According to its statutes the DARIAH-ERIC has three part-time directors. Together they are responsible for the day-to-day operations of DARIAH. They consult the Senior Management Team and are supported by the DARIAH-EU Coordination Office.


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