23 Serbian workers detained in Slovakia

Workers from Serbia, whom the Slovak police arrested and then released on Tuesday are currently located in the Police Detention Center for Aliens in Medvedov.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

Apart from the 23 citizens of Serbia, there are currently 27 Ukrainians, eight citizens of Macedonia and four citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina at the facility, Tanjug said it learned.

The Center is located in the Trnava region in southwestern Slovakia and serves for temporary detention of citizens who are in Slovakia illegally.

On Wednesday, the Serbian Ministry of Labor contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after media reports about workers from Serbia being arrested in Slovakia and will, after obtaining official information from the MFA, determine whether the workers went there via an employment agency legally or illegally, Tanjug was told at the Ministry of Labor.

"If it is determined that the workers went without the necessary papers, the Ministry of Labor will send an inspection to the agency that may have been taking the workers (to Slovakia) to determine what was being done," Tanjug was told at the Ministry of Labor.

The agency also addressed the embassy of Serbia in Slovakia, which referred it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tanjug was told that after the facts have been determined, they would formally address the public.

The Slovak police arrested 72 workers Tuesday, including 23 Serbian citizens.

The reason are their allegedly false employment contracts. The workers have been released from detention, but are now banned from entering the EU, and have a 7-day deadline to return home.

Slovakia's public broadcaster RTVS reported on Thursday that the Serbians were among a group of 62 workers detained, who were illegally employed by a South Korean company, Shin Heung Precision Slovakia.


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