46 percent of Serbians willing to fight for their country

Serbians have placed tenth on a list of 28 European nations whose citizens are willing to fight for their country.

Source: nedeljnik.rs

According to a WIN/Gallup International survey, the nations in Europe's south and west are in the bottom part of this list.

Finns top it with 74 percent, followed by Turks (73 percent), Ukrainians (62 percent), Russians (59 percent).

The self-proclaimed Kosovo was also included in the survey (58 percent). The list continues with Bosnia-Herzegovina and Sweden (55 percent each), Greece (54 percent), Poland (47 percent), and Serbia (46 percent).

According to the survey, the willingness of citizens to fight for their countries dissipates moving from Europe's East toward the West, where the Netherlands, with 15 percent, is at the bottom of the list, below Germany (18 percent), Belgium (19 percent), Italy (20 percent), Spain (21 percent), Austria (21 percent), the Czech Republic (23 percent), and Bulgaria (25 percent).

The survey, that included 62,398 respondents from around the world, also showed that Europeans are the least willing to fight for their countries, while 61 percent of those polled across 64 countries would be willing to do so.

Globally, Morocco and Fiji top the list with 94 percent each, followed by Pakistan and Vietnam (89 percent each) and Bangladesh (86 percent).

Judging by the poll, Japan is the most "peace-loving" country, where only 11 percent of the population are willing to fight for their state.


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