US "to go on offensive against Putin's intentions"

Mike Pence's visit to Europe "proves" the US plans an "offensive against Russia's intention to undermine the integrity and sovereignty of any European state.

Source: Beta
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

This is the assessment of US analyst Janusz Bugajski, according to Beta.

According to him, it was not by accident that Pence visited three key countries in three regions where US and Russian relations are particularly tense: "Estonia is key in the Baltic region, Georgia, which is key in the Caucasus and Montenegro, which is key in the Balkans."

"His statements prove that Washington plans to react by going on a decisive offensive against (President Vladimir) Putin's intentions to undermine the sovereignty and integrity of any European state," Bugajski said of the US vice president.

He explained that now all eyes are on the Tramp administration that has to develop initiatives to consolidate security in those countries that are most exposed to Russian subversions.

Pence visited Estonia, Georgia and Montenegro last week, where he assessed that Russia is interfering in internal relations of some countries and condemned such behavior.

He accused Russia of trying to "divide the region and undermine integration processes, and redraw borders by force."

"The US has rejected any attempt to use force and threats in the region and beyond. The Western Balkans has the right to independently decide on its future," he said.

On the same day when Pence was in Podgorica criticizing the Kremlin's policy toward the region, US President Donald Tramp in Washington signed a law on new US sanctions against Russia.


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