"Albanian gangs control drug trafficking in UK"

Violent Albanian criminal groups have "considerable control" over drug trafficking in Great Britain.

Source: B92

At the same time, Serbians and Turks "dominate high volume maritime cocaine logistics."

This is according to a BBC report, published under the headline, "Albanian gangs 'controlling' UK drug trafficking market," that cited the National Crime Agency (NCA) annual assessment document.

The NCA said it was "increasingly concerned by what it called the Albanians' 'high-profile influence within UK organized crime'," reported the BBC.

According to this, Albanian gangs have particular influence on the cocaine market and are "characterized by their readiness to resort to serious violence."

London is described as their "primary hub" - but they are established across the UK, the report said, citing the NCA document, and the agency's deputy director, Matthew Horne, who said this was "very much a group that's small in number but big in impact."

Serbian and Turkish crime groups, meanwhile, "dominate high volume maritime cocaine logistics", while Turkish and Pakistani groups "continue to dominate heroin trafficking to the UK."

The report also warned of "the threat of cyber-crime from Russian-speaking countries," saying that this type of crime was being "underestimated."


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