Dusseldorf ax attacker "mentally ill, came from Kosovo"

The police in Dusseldorf have arrested a man after an ax attack at the city’s train station that injured nine people, three seriously.

Source: B92

The police announced on Friday that the suspect, originally came "from Kosovo" and was a resident of Wuppertal, a town 28 kilometers from Dusseldorf.

According to Germany's Spiegel magazine, cited by AFP, the suspect, Fatmir H., told investigators he "hoped the police would kill him after the attack."

RT reported earlier, quoting another police statement that said the 36-year-old suspect "came from the former Yugoslavia, lives in Wuppertal, and has obvious mental health problems."

The broadcaster also quoted a police spokesman who said earlier the suspect was badly injured when he fell from a bridge as he was trying to escape and was now in the hospital, without providing any information on the motive.

"We are not using the words 'rampage' or 'terror'," the spokesman said, according to Reuters, adding that there was no serious threat of further attacks.


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