OSCE won't have observers at polling stations in Serbia

The OSCE will deploy a limited mission to monitor the presidential election in Serbia, Beta is reporting.

Source: Beta
(Beta/AP, file, illustration purposes)
(Beta/AP, file, illustration purposes)

The agency said it was told by OSCE's Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights spokesperson Thomas Rymer that "a mission was sent to Serbia on March 7 to assess the needs for the election, which will monitor particular aspects of the electoral process, legal framework and media reporting on the vote."

"But there won't be comprehensive observation on the ground, in particular not at the polls, as not enough time remained from the calling of the election to the day of voting, to marshal a full mission," he said.

Due to the brief time from scheduling to holding the election, the OSCE will not send a full but an election assessment mission, whose job will, among other things, be to establish "rhe degree of fulfilling the recommendations from the OSCE's report of last year."

For this reason, the report said, "Rymer would not comment on whether Serbia fulfilled those recommendations before the mission performs its assessment."


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