Geneva: Albanians paint Serbian flag, then burn it

Two Albanians have been recorded on video setting a Serbian flag on fire in Geneva, Switzerland, in protest over the arrest of Ramush Haradinaj.

Source: B92, Tanjug
(Screen capture)
(Screen capture)

Haradinaj, a former KLA leader and Kosovo prime minister, was arrested in France last week on a Serbian war crimes warrant.

The Presheva Jone agency is reporting on Friday that the pair seen in the video are Albanian immigrants "from Kosovo and Presevo."

They first painted a Serbian flag and wrote the word "Serbia" on it, in Serbian, and using the Cyrillic alphabet, and then burned it, after struggling for a while to get a fire going.

The video was likely made shortly after the January 5 arrest of Haradinaj, considering that it was published on January 6.

Several protests over the arrest have been organized by Albanians over the past few days, from New York to Vienna. Earlier this week, Serbian FM Ivica Dacic revealed that Serbia received information from a western country that its diplomatic offices abroad might come under attack.


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