WikiLeaks publishes cache of Turkish ruling party emails

WikiLeaks has published nearly 300,000 emails and thousands of files from the internal server of Turkey's ruling AKP party.

Source: B92, RT

This took place despite "a massive cyberattack on the WikiLeaks website," RT reported.

“WikiLeaks has moved forward its publication schedule in response to the government's post-coup purges. We have verified the material and the source, who is not connected, in any way, to the elements behind the attempted coup, or to a rival political party or state,” the website said in a statement.

RT also noted that they "previously insisted that it is neither pro- nor anti-government, but rather serves 'the truth'."

All emails came from "", the primary domain of the ruling Turkish party, and are dated from 2010 until July 6, 2016, a week before the failed military coup.

Later on Wednesday, Reuters reported that Turkey was blocking access to the WikiLeaks website after the cache of around 300,000 government emails was released.


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