Putin's party "secures" Balkans: Sovereignty and neutrality

Russia's ruling United Russia has signed a cooperation declaration with representatives of parties from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Source: Beta
Vladimir Putin (Beta/AP, file)
Vladimir Putin (Beta/AP, file)

The document's signatories advocate the creation of a militarily neutral territory in the Balkans.

The signatories point out that as part of a "reduction of international tensions," it is especially significant for Southeastern Europe "to develop the initiative of a number of Balkan politicians to form a territory of neutral sovereign states, which would include Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina," Beta agency is quoting the United Russia website.

"This project aims to become a regional strategic doctrine and in the future be incorporated into pan-European considerations of a new continental security architecture," stated the party.

According to the report, a statement further said that the signatories, considering the current problems of the Balkan and general European security, emphasize the necessity of seeking common "non-aligned solutions."

The declaration highlights the interest towards the development of cooperation of the countries of the Balkan with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAES), as well as expanding multilateral cooperation in the areas of trade, economy, finance, energy and others.

According to the website, the declaration was signed on behalf of the Russian party by senior Russian official Sergei Zheleznyak, on the sidelines of the 15th congress of United Russia, held in Moscow.

The statement does not specify who signed the declaration on behalf of the parties from the Balkan region, Beta said in its report.

Zheleznyak told journalists that the Balkan region "has enormous historical significance" for Russia, United Russia stated.

Tanjug reported earlier that Serbia's ruling SNS party was represented at the United Russia congress by vice-presidents Marija Obradovic and Marko Djuric.


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