Serbian kidnapped in Libya freed and taken to safe place

Serbian national Miroslav Tomic, who was abducted in Libya on Sunday, "has been freed and taken to a safe place."

Source: Tanjug
(Beta/AP, file, illustration purposes)
(Beta/AP, file, illustration purposes)

Martin Wiechers from German engineering group Ferrostaal, which employs Tomic, told Tanjug on Tuesday.

B92 learned that the Serbian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday received confirmation that Tomic has been freed.

"We have been informed about the incident involving Miroslav Tomic and we are glad to inform you that he is free and at a safe place," Wiechers said on Tuesday, adding that the company preferred not to disclose further information about the incident.

An hour earlier, the Serbian Foreign Ministry said there were indications that Tomic had been freed, but that the information had not been confirmed.

“The Serbian embassy in Tripoli is doing everything in its power to ensure our kidnapped national is freed as soon as possible,” the ministry said, adding that an intensive search was underway, engaging military helicopters as well.

The Serbian embassy is in constant contact with the relevant authorities in Libya and the German company Tomic works for, the ministry added.

A representative of Ferrostaal came to the Serbian embassy in Tripoli on Monday to inform it that the company's employee, Miroslav Tomic, was kidnapped on the road from Sarir to Mesla (southeastern Libya, 1,200 km from Tripoli).

Tomic, head of project at Ferrostaal, was abducted while doing his work. Representatives of the German company believe the motives behind the kidnapping are not political, but that it most likely has something to do with local conflicts that have recently become more frequent.

Tomic has been living and working in Libya for the past 20 years.


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