Russian patriarch prays in Orthodox church in Antarctica

Russian Patriarch Kirill was in Antarctica where he met with scientists at a Russian polar station, and prayed in the only permanent church on the continent.

Source: B92
(Image made from RT video)
(Image made from RT video)

The wooden Church of the Holy Trinity was built in the early 2000s, RT reported, publishing a video and photographs of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church "congregating with penguins."

Patriarch Kirill's trip to Antarctica, where the South Pole is located, came after his tour of South America that included a historic meeting with the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, in Cuba.

The meeting, that produced a declaration, has been planned for decades, with the last obstacles removed with the pope's determination to hold it and the Russian Orthodox Church's position that the events in the Middle East have increased the need for unity among Christians.


"Media freedom imperative for ensuring security"

"Freedom of expression and free media constitute two imperative tools in fostering a meaningful debate on security issues," says Dunja Mijatovic.

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