Protocol gaffe in Geneva turns Russian flag into "Serbian"

The Russian flag was hung upside down in the conference room in Zurich ahead of a meeting between the top Russian and U.S. diplomats, RT is reporting.

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(Image made from RT video)
(Image made from RT video)

Ahead of Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry's meeting on Syria, the Middle East, and Ukraine, a cameraman noted that the Russian flag was displayed upside down.

This protocol gaffe made it look like the Serbian flag.

When the cameraman warned U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Glen Johnson that "the Russian flag is upside down so the colors are in the wrong direction," the official replied: “What, are you serious? You’re not bulls****ing me, right?”

In its report RT noted that the U.S. State Department's "lack of attentiveness when it comes to minor details in U.S.-Russian relations" was also on display in 2009 when then State Secretary Hillary Clinton presented Sergei Lavrov with a symbolic gift and the word "overload" (peregruzka) attached to a red button.

But the Russian word they wished to use was "perezagruzka" ("reset") - as a symbol of "resetting of relations."


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