Russia "biggest threat," says U.S. Air Force official

High ranking official of the U.S. Air Force Deborah Lee James says the current situation with Russia “the biggest threat” on her mind, RT is reporting.

Source: B92, RT

She also "hinted at a possible display of power that could see American military aircraft, including F-22 Raptor fighter jets, deployed to Europe."

The U.S. Air Force is now considering a plan to further increase the number of its rotational forces in Europe, the U.S. secretary of the Air Force told reporters at the Paris Airshow.

“That’s the beginning, there will be more. You’ll continue to see more and more rotational forces.The biggest threat on my mind is what’s happening with Russia and the activities of Russia. That’s a big part of why I’m here in Europe," James was quoted as saying by Reuters.

She also said that she "saw no reason” why the F-22 fighter jets could not be stationed in Europe, "but refused to elaborate," RT reported.

After France, the U.S. official will visit Britain, Italy, Cyprus, Poland and Germany, and "plans to urge all of them to boost military spending."

“We’ll be reassuring those allies we are standing shoulder to shoulder with them,” James said.

On Monday, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said they hoped that U.S. plans to deploy tanks and other heavy military equipment in NATO countries, on Russia's borders, will not come to pass, and that "reason will prevail."

However, the Russian Ministry of Defense at the same time promised "an adequate answer" should U.S. tanks appear in Eastern Europe, Russian news agencies reported.


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