Kiev "to fight until last drop of blood"

Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko has described the Minsk peace roadmap as "a pseudo-peace, for which Ukraine is paying too high a price."

Source: RT

RT is reporting that he told German TV channel ZDF his forces would do so to protect the eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol from "Russian aggressors."

"We will fight to the last drop of blood," said Poroshenko.

The Russian website noted it its report that "the Minsk deals are seen by every major nation, including Russia and NATO countries, as the only way to peace in Ukraine, with diplomats urging all sides in the conflict to adhere to all the deal’s points."

In the same interview, however, the Ukrainian president said he "remained committed and saw no military solution to the conflict - despite his own earlier words about fighting to the last."

According to him, 83 soldiers have died since February.

During the interview Poroshenko also "disowned his earlier statement, in which he vowed to free Donetsk Airport," RT said.

"I advise you not to read Russian newspapers. They are the only source where you can find such nonsense," he told ZDF.

The report noted that "just three days before" the following statement was published on Poroshenko's official website:

"I have no doubt - we will free the airport, because it is our land. And we will rebuild the airport."


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