Czech president's door "closed" for U.S. ambassador

Czech President Milos Zeman has announced that he "won’t let any ambassador of another nation intrude with advice over his foreign visits."

Source: Beta,

Zeman in this way reacted to the criticism of the U.S. ambassador in Prague of his plans to attend the Victory Day Parade in Moscow, who said they were “short-sighted” as it would be "awkward” if the Czech president was the only statesman from an EU country on Red Square.

“I’m afraid, after this statement the doors of the Prague Castle (presidential office and residence) are closed for Ambassador (Andrew) Schapiro,” Zeman told the Parlamentni Listy website on Saturday, RT reported.

“I cannot imagine a Czech ambassador in Washington giving advice to the U.S. president on where he should travel. I will not let any ambassador interfere with the program of my foreign trips," Zeman said.

Schapiro reacted by stating that "his door remains open for the Czech president."

A spokesman for Zeman clarified that while the president will not receive the ambassador for meetings and talks, he can still "without any problems" come to the Prague Castle for receptions and celebrations.


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