"U.S. responsible" for wave of Kosovo "refugees"

"A wave of refugees from Kosovo, currently a problem for Western Europe, proves the secession of Kosovo from Serbia and its hasty recognition was a mistake."

Source: Tanjug

That is according to Johann Gudenus, vice chairman of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO).

Kosovo is not a war or crisis region, yet several thousand people from the area are at the Austrian borders, said Gudenus.

The FPO whip underlined that one must consider why so many people are running away from "a state" that allegedly functions very well.

"Now it is clear that Kosovo's secession from Serbia, as well as its hasty recognition as an independent state, was a mistake. The current wave of refugees confirms that Kosovo cannot endure as a state," Gudenus said.

He recalled that the creation of "the state of Kosovo" was the wish of the United States, adding that international law was not respected during the process of gaining independence because there was no referendum, and that is why the U. S. must take responsibility.

He also said that Austria's reception capacities are packed, adding that if the country continues to accept economic refugees, "it will not be able to accept those who need protection."

In this regard, he called for a suspension of the Schengen agreement and reintroduction of border control i.e. rigorous expulsion of illegal immigrants.

Gudenus said it is also necessary to ask why there is "a striking number of Muslims" among immigrants in Austria lately, and named Chechens, Afghans, "Kosovars," and others.


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