UNSC to soon discuss Palestinian request

The UN Security Council will decide on the request for recognition of a Palestinian state at the end of the year, said chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat.

Source: B92

A draft UN Security Council resolution that recognizes Palestine's statehood was submitted after the UN General Assembly adopted a non-binding resolution.

Israel and its close allies oppose the move, including the United States which has veto power in the UN Security Council, giving it the ability to block the draft resolution.

"We expect that the U.S. will remain of the opinion it has had for 47 years, and that is that the solution to the conflict can only be achieved through negotiations, and we see no reason to change this policy," said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after meeting with U.S. Secretary of State US John Kerry.

Sweden on October 30 became the first "old European Union member state" to recognize Palestine, while six others already did so before joining the EU - the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Malta, and Cyprus.

Parliaments of many European countries, among them France and Luxembourg, have voted in favor of resolutions urging their government to recognize Palestine.


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