National Guard deployed in U.S. town amid riots

Officials in the U.S. state of Missouri have ordered more National Guard troops to be sent to the town of Ferguson.

Source: B92

A police officer who shot and killed an African American youth there and whom a jury failed to indict has said his conscience was clear.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon said that 2,200 National Guard troops would be deployed in and around the suburbs of St. Louis, the BBC reported.

Policeman Darren Wilson who killed teenager Michael Brown told ABC said that he was sorry for the loss of life, but that he was just doing his job. He added that he had a clear conscience when it comes to the incident and would not act differently now.

Wilson argues that Brown got in his car and grabbed his rifle, and he had to shoot because he was afraid for his life.

The officer made a statement a day after the jury decided not to indict him in the case. However, ABC reported that Wilson could face U.S. federal lawsuits.

The decision not to prosecute Wilson has sparked anger and chaos in the streets of Ferguson, with protests spreading rapidly to many other cities, including New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, but with no major riots there.

Protesters in St. Louis, on the other hand, destroyed and smashed everything in their way. The rioting has caused considerable damage. More than 80 people were arrested in the whole area of the city, mainly for offenses and robbery.

U.S. President Barack Obama, meanwhile, said he was disappointed and disturbed by the violence in American streets.

Lawyers for the family of Michael Brown condemned as unfair the legal process where no charges were brought against the police officer.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Prince Zeid Ra'ad Zeid Al-Hussein said that he was "deeply concerned at the disproportionate number of young African Americans who die in encounters with police officers, as well as the disproportionate number of African Americans in U.S. prisons and the disproportionate number of African Americans on Death Row."

The incidents have also shown that the gulf between most white and African American citizens in the U.S. still persists.


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