Polish ex-president: Putin declared war on world

Former Polish president Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of "declaring war on the world."

Source: Beta

Walesa believes that Putin does not respect the international obligations of Russia to Ukraine and territorial integrity guarantees it provided.

"The situation in the east is now very dangerous. When nuclear weapons were handed over, great powers gave guarantees of territorial integrity to Ukraine and he has challenged that, he violated that agreement and declared war on the world," said Walesa.

The former leader of the Polish resistance to the Communist regime and the status of Poland as a satellite of the Soviet Union said that Putin in international relations was using illicit methods.

"Europe and the world are responsible and are looking to avoid confrontation, and he's pushing on with that wreckage of weapons. It is very dangerous, we need to be united and properly respond," Walesa said.

New head of the Bureau of Defense Initiatives Romuald Szeremietiew thinks Russia does not want war, because it is aware that it can "only" measure up to NATO with its nuclear potential, but not the conventional.

"Russia wants to enter the territory of NATO and check to what extent will NATO react. Now the ground for such an experiment are the Baltic countries where there is a large Russian minority. Russia wants to move to the West millimeter by millimeter, not meter by meter," said Szeremietiew.


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