Whistleblower can stay in Russia for 3 more years

Former contractor of U.S. intelligence services Edward Snowden has been grated the right to stay in Russia for another three years, his lawyer has said.

Source: Beta

Antoly Kucherina announced on Thursday in Moscow that his client received "residency rights in the territory of Russia for the next three years."

Snowden was in 2013 granted asylum there and has spent the past year in Russia.

Last year, the former NSA contractor publicly disclosed the extent of the spying conducted by U.S. services.

Kucherina explained that the residence permit did not mean that Snowden was granted political asylum, and that he was now eligible to request Russian citizenship, and travel around the country, and abroad for up to three months.

As for America's attempts to have him extradited, the lawyer said that Russia was yet to receive an official request that would be "in line with international standards."


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